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Denied Long-Term Disability Lawyer Hamilton

When you have a disability that impedes your ability to work, you can apply for long-term disability benefits from an insurance company. This provides a source of income to help support your family. Your benefits also help pay for rehabilitative services to help cope with your condition, improve your quality of life, and improve mobility. For various reasons, insurance companies choose cut off benefits and deny disability claims. When this happens, contact a disability lawyer; Hamilton residents can reach Lalande & Company Lawyers for help.

Long-term disability can result from serious personal injury, but it can just as easily be caused by certain conditions that make it difficult to work for an indefinite period.

Some common medical disabilities include:

  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Cancer
  • Back injuries
  • Hepatitis C
  • Stroke

In some cases, insurance companies will cut you off if you fail to meet their specific definition of “disabled.” To qualify for benefits, you must be impaired from performing most or all the requirements of your job. In addition, after 104 weeks on leave you also must prove you are incapable of performing any other job for which you are qualified.

To help verify their judgment, companies may enlist their own doctors to review your condition. However, these doctors are not always specialists in their fields, which makes it difficult to get a proper diagnosis. They may also argue that you “choose” to remain disabled rather than retraining for another job or going through physical rehabilitation. This makes dealing with a denied claim frustrating and difficult; however, a disability lawyer can help you through the process.

The effort of making an appeal can be difficult to handle; many insurance policies are intentionally written to be vague and confusing, with the intention of making the insured believe the company’s interpretation. As a result, they may use that language to delay or reduce your payments. A lawyer can help you navigate the paperwork and make you aware of your rights.

When you hire a disability lawyer; our Hamilton team can help you secure the benefits to which you are entitled. We must ultimately prove to a judge that you meet the definition of “disabled” as stated in the insurance policy. We will also explain what options are available and provide you with advice and guidance. Because insurance policies can be so complicated, a disability lawyer can break down the facts to help you understand what it all means.

It is important to contact a lawyer who specializes in denied LTD claim litigation as soon as you’re aware of a problem with your claim or benefits. Lalande & Company Lawyers will argue for your legal rights, including all benefit payments owed to you, until the date of settlement. An insurance company may provide a lump sum amount, but this is not an obligation. Once your case is made, they need to reinstate and pay your monthly benefits.

If you need a disability lawyer in Hamilton to help you through any claim disputes, contact Lalande & Company Lawyers. We have expertly handled disability claims throughout Ontario, and have experience representing clients who have been denied benefits. Do not be concerned about initial legal fees; we never ask for payment before starting work on your case,; initial consultations are free of charge and carry no obligation on your part. Call us at (905) 333-8888; our team can arrange a meeting at a time and place convenient to you.