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Spinal Cord Injury Ontario

Spinal Cord Injury Ontario (SCI Ontario), formerly known as Canadian Paraplegic Association Ontario (CPA Ontario), is an organization whose mission is to help people with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities achieve independence, self reliance, and full community participation.

A spinal cord injury, whether traumatic or non-traumatic, complete or incomplete, is a catastrophic injury with potentially devastating impacts. These include far-reaching physical, social, and psychological consequences.

From a traumatic perspective, while other types of injuries are more likely to result in death, spinal trauma can lead to life-changing disabilities that can permanently alter a person’s physical wellbeing and make what was once routine nearly impossible. These injuries can result from a wide variety of accidents and trauma, such as car accidents, falls, motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents, and trip-and-falls. Conversely, about 30 percent of all SCIs are non-traumatic, resulting from disease or pathological influence, congenital SCI, infections, ALS, MS, and the like.

SCI Ontario is an organization that helps individuals with spinal cord injuries by providing information on how to develop optimal resilience and a better quality of life, understand the rehabilitation process, and better self-management with appropriate care. SCI Ontario has sixteen offices across the province that provide quality-assured programs and services, including Peer Support, Regional Services, and Advocacy Programs.

Lalande & Company Lawyers are proud to be a Spinal Cord Injury Ontario sponsor, and we look forward to sponsoring SCI’s fundraising events. For more information, please visit http://www.sciontario.org.


Spinal Cord Injury Ontario