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Tactics Insurance Companies Use to Deny Injury Claims

Tactics Insurance Companies Use to Deny Injury Claims

Tactics Insurance Companies

When we’re injured in an accident, we expect the insurance company to compensate us for medical treatment and time off work. However, those companies sometimes fail to do this — or give us less than we deserve. To protect yourself, understand the tactics some insurance companies use, so you can get the help you need.

Ways insurance companies refuse to pay:

  • Attempting a quick settlement – Immediately after being injured, you might be tempted to accept any payment to cover medical bills. Insurance companies often offer a quick settlement worth less than what you deserve. If you sign their agreement, the claim will be considered closed and you will receive no additional payments, even if your injuries are later discovered to be more extensive or you require additional treatment.
  • Using delaying tactics – If you hold out for a larger sum than what was originally offered, your insurance company may delay paying. This tactic aims to wear away your patience and influence you to accept a smaller settlement. As time passes and costs start to pile up, it is their hope you will become concerned about bills or decide that fighting the insurance company is too stressful.
  • Disputing the severity of your injuries – To bring down the total settlement offer, insurance companies might claim that your injuries are less severe than you suggest. They can also argue that your injuries are related to a preexisting condition, and are not covered under your insurance.
  • Denying liability – Insurance companies can try to downplay the role of the other party in causing your accident and place the blame on you. The company may argue the accident is unrelated to your injury. This often occurs when the insurance company believes there was minimal property damage involved in the accident.
  • Asking for a written statement – At times, insurance adjusters may ask for a recorded or written statement, often right after an accident has occurred. You may be asked leading questions (e.g. inquiring about neck injuries, then refusing to pay for injuries to your back/spine because you didn’t mention them in the interview/statement). If, shortly after the accident, you say you feel fine, only to later discover you have been injured, the insurance company will use your words against you.

Recognize these tactics when an insurance company tries to use them. Protect yourself by hiring an experienced injury lawyer to represent you and your claim. Reputable lawyers do not accept payment until they’ve helped you earn a settlement from the insurance providers.

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