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Distracted Driving Accidents and Teens – a Problem on the Rise

5 Minute Read from Hamilton’s Personal Injury Lawyers

Distracted Driving is out of Control

Many people do not realize, but distracted driving is presently one of the biggest issues on our Provincial roadways today. Distracted driving has surpassed aimpaired driving as the#1 cause of fatal accident on Canadian roads, and unfortunately many accidents are caused by teen driver using cell phones.  Teens and their phones go hand in hand.  It’s rare to see a teen without a cell phone.  iPhone, Android, Google phone…for most, it is a primary method of communication.  Sadly, many teens continue to text even while driving. Despite the well-known implications of texting and driving, an alarming number of teenagers still admit to doing it. According to the Ontario-based Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, a large percentage of teenagers are texting while driving.  33% of students in grades 10 to 12 say they have texted while driving at least once in the prior year.  The number climbs when looking at just grade 12 students where 46% admitted to it. In fact, about 40% of teenagers admit to sometimes reading texts while driving while just over 32% admit to sometimes sending texts while driving.  Texting and driving accidents are increasing at an alarming rate.

Why Do People Text While Driving?

There are a variety of reasons people reach for their phone while driving a car.  The lure of the message ringtone is often enough to entice a person to see what’s popping up on their phone.  In other cases, they’re looking for directions or an address.  Many inaccurately believe if they are stopped at a stop sign or stoplight it is okay to check their cell phone or send a quick text.  We know all too well, it only takes a single moment to change a life and far too often, that one moment of checking a phone or sending a quick message can have devastating results. When a driver is distracted, their attention is not on the road and their surroundings and their reaction time is slower.  Ultimately, this can lead to an accident.

Teens & Distracted Driving

Teen drivers are among the most ask risk drivers on our roadways.  Due to their lack of experience driving combined with overconfidence or fear, they are at risk.  Car accidents remains the leading cause of death for teenagers, with the majority occurring when other teenagers are in the vehicle with a teen driver.  Teenagers often have an “it won’t happen to me” attitude, until sadly, it does.  This is why, if a teen texts and drives once or twice without consequence, they may continue to do so.  Unfortunately, any distracted driving puts themselves and other people at risk.

Our Hamilton personal injury lawyers know all too well the catastrophic accidents that can occur as a result of distracted driving.  It is heartbreaking every time a person’s life is cut short or forever changed as a result of an car accident caused by distracted driving. This is why we believe it is important to continue to educate the public on the risks and dangers of texting and driving.

You can prevent an accident by ensuring you are not tempted by your phone while driving.  Print your google map before you leave. Put your phone in a glovebox, silence the ringer or turn it off.  By focusing solely on the road rather than your technology, you can save your own life and the life of others on the road, too.  There is no valid reason to be using your cell-phone in the car.

Did You Lose a Loved One in an Accident?

Unfortunately, there are too many accidents on the roads involving teens and texting.  Sadly, the aftermath can be devastating.  Accidents involving teens are the leading cause of teenage deaths in the province.  If you lost a loved one in this way, our wrongful death lawyers are here to help.  It is understandable that you will be reeling in the unfairness of this type of preventable accident.  Through your grief, you may have questions.  Ultimately, your life has changed in this single moment.  Talking to a personal injury lawyer with experience in distracted driving accidents can help.  We have years of experience helping families get the compensation they deserve after losing a loved one in an accident.

Were You or A Loved One Injured in An Accident caused by a Distracted Driver?

While there are serious fines and sanctions in place for novice drivers who are convicted of distracted driving (and other drivers as well), if you were injured because of a driver’s distracted driving, you have the right to open a personal injury lawsuit to recover the compensation you deserve.  This type of compensation can include medical costs, lost wages and compensation due to pain and suffering.  Ultimately, recovering from an accident is your main priority; however, it is very normal for you to be worried and stressed about the financial strain the accident has caused as well.  The best thing you can do is ensure you have the right medical team in place to help with your injuries, and the right legal team to take care of your case so you can focus on your recovery.  An experienced personal injury lawyer will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

While a lot of media attention is put on trying to ensure drivers are safe and focused on the road, too many drivers continue to text and drive.  Unfortunately, many of these drivers are teenagers.  While we can continue to work on spreading the message that texting and driving can have a devastating aftermath, we cannot undo what has been done to you.  What we can do is help relieve the financial stress you are under because of a situation that could have been prevented.  A distracted driver is a negligent driver.

Our Hamilton Accident Injury Lawyers can help

Matt Lalande has over 15 years representing victims of negligence and has recovered millions of dollars in compensation for his clients.  He works tirelessly to ensure his clients get the help they need, at the time they need it most.  As such, consultations are free and we never ask for upfront fees.  If you are a victim of a distracted driving accident, it is important you call us right away so we can help.  Get in touch at 905-333-8888 or fill in a contact form today.

Bicycle Accidents: Common Injuries, Common Causes.

3 Minute Read by Hamilton Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Lalande & Company Lawyers are advocactes for cycling safety and the legal rights of injured bicyclists in the city of Hamilton and it’s surrounding areas.  As Bicycle Accident Lawyers in Hamilton, we have helped many victims that have been hurt or suffered losses as a result of bicycle accidents. We pride ourselves on providing experienced advocacy for those injured or killed in Hamilton bicycle crashes. There is no doubt that as more people are taking to bicycle riding as a form of transportation, we’re seeing more accidents and injuries to cyclists over the years.  In 2016, there were 179 recorded cyclist accidents in Hamilton. Up until then, the number of yearly cyclist collisions hovered around 160 per year, since 2012.

The SoBi Hamilton bike share program is recording a 20% increase in trips this past year. Plus, Hamilton is in the midst of a 20-year cycling master plan, with the proposed bike network only about 11% complete.  As Hamilton continues to grow as a bike-friendly city, more cyclists will be on the roads. We believe it is important that both cyclists and motorists follow the rules of the road so everyone can enjoy a safe bike ride.

Have you been hurt in a Bicycle Accident?

While there is an obvious upside to cycling – being good for fitness, recreation and the environment – there is a serious downside.  Accidents are a common phenomenon.

Common causes of cycling accidents have been commonly linked to:

  • Driver inattention or distracted driving;
  • A vehicle making a right turn while looking left – meaning a vehicle pulls out of a street, and turns right while looking left for oncoming vehicles and hits cyclist crossing the road. Unfortunately this is one of the common causes for both bicycle and pedestrian related accidents and death;
  • The right hook is a common type of bicycle accident. This is when a vehicle is driving down the street, with a cyclists travelling beside it, to it’s right, in a bicycle lane or on the road. The vehicle turns right without seeing the bicycle in it’s blind spot, cut-off the cyclist and causes a terrible accident;
  • Another common bicycle accident occurs when a car, travelling the opposite the cyclist, turns left in front of a cyclist and cuts him off;
  • Most Ontario bicycle accidents involving serious injury or fatal injury occur in urban areas, with over 80% occurring in the daylight.

Many Hamilton bicycle accidents occur simply because drivers are distracted, not operating safely for road conditions or simply fail to respect the rights and space afforded to bicyclists on Hamilton roadways.

Common Bicycle Accident Injuries

Collisions can be a very unfortunate side effect of cycling. As Hamilton bicycle accident lawyers, we see many bike injuries due to collisions with motorists.  Most crashes occur due to the cyclists riding at highspeeds, or the cyclist or motorist not being aware of their surroundings or the rules of the road.  Injuries can range from minor to fatal, and often, the severity of the injury could have been lessened with proper protection such as a helmet.

The Most Common Injuries for Cyclists as the Result of a Bicycle Accident:

  • Head injuries including concussion, fractures, cuts and traumatic brain injury, some of which can be fatal;
  • Serious neck injuries and neck fractures;
  • Spinal cord injuries; 
  • Clavicle breaks;
  • Arm injuries including sprains, scrapes, fractures and dislocation;
  • Leg injuries such as scrapes, bruises and fractures;
  • Chest, pelvis and abdomen injuries, some of which can be fatal
  • Road rash.

When a bike accident is the result of a collision with a vehicle, the cyclist will have the highest likelihood of being the most injured.

What to do if you were involved in a Bicycle Accident?

Firstly, it is important that you seek medical attention. Even if you think your wounds are only superficial it is important to get checked out for possible internal bleeding or concussion.  If you can, it is important to document what occurred at the time of the accident. If you can take pictures of the accident scene or gather witnesses, that is always beneficial.


Your next step will be to determine if the motorist is liable or at fault for the accident.  At this point, it is best to seek a consultation from a personal injury lawyer who has experience in bicycle/motorist accidents.  Navigating insurance and negligence can become a complicated issue. A lawyer can help insure you are legally protected which will bring you peace of mind while you recover from your injuries.

If you’ve been in a Bicycle Accident, talk to Experienced Bicycle Accident Lawyers Hamilton

Lalande & Company Lawyer provide experienced representation for those injured or killed in Ontario bicycle crashes. In most cycling crashes the motorist is at fault and left uninjured, while the cycling victim may face life-threatening injuries. If this has happened to you, our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers have has extensive experience providing representation for people who have been involved in a cyclist/motorist accident.

Our Hamilton Bicycle Accident Lawyers have the experience,  knowledge, access to the right people and resources to help you recover fair compensation if you have suffered bicycle related injuries.  In many cases, available insurance coverage of the at-fault motorist may be insufficient to recover losses. Identifying and recovering damages from other at-fault parties or making a claim with your own insurance carrier may be necessary.

Feel free to call us at 905-333-8888, fill in a contact form or chat with our live operator, 24/7, who will be please in setting up a free consultation, with no obligation to you or your family.  If you or a loved one has been hurt in a Hamilton bicycle accident, it is very important to speak with an experienced bicycle accident lawyer that understands your rights and the full range of compensation that you or your family may be entitled to.

$350,000.00 Personal Injury Settlement

Bicycle Accident Victim with Broken Leg

We believe it’s great benefit to readers and injured parties to have an idea of the verdicts and settlements that are awarded or negotiated for seriously injured victims.  We are very proud to say that in one of our recent settlements,  our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers have recovered $350,000.00 for a young man hit by a car while riding his bicycle.  He suffered a Tibial Plateau Fracture and knee ligament damage, which caused him a tremendous amount of pain, discomfort, the inability to weight bear for months and now suffers ongoing symptomatic and functional limitations which currently interrupted his career plans.

Why did David suffer a tibial plateau fracture?

Doctors in the case have told our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers that David suffered the type of injury because of the way the car bumper hit him while he was riding his bicycle.  David was riding his bicycle lawfully on the sidewalk. While crossing the sidewalk a car turned left into him and out him over the room and onto the ground.

What is a Tibial Plateau Fracture Exactly?

Bicycle accidents and tibial plateau fractures are common because of how cars and trucks hit a bicyclist’s leg on side impact. A fracture in the shinbone right below the knee is called a proximal tibia fracture.  The tibial plateau is a critical loadbearing area of the body. When you break yourshinbone right under your  you can end up with problems with knee alignement, stability, motion, bending, stooping, crawling, kneeling and lifting.  knee alignment, stability, and motion. Proper treatment is  critical for minimizing and reducing the risk future complications, particularly posttraumatic arthritis. 

 Why was David’s case settled for $350,000.00?

For a mix of reasons. The insurance company for the at-fault driver recognized David’s potential future complications. The insurance defence lawyer involved was highly experienced. Also, David was a body shop apprentice at a major auto dealership and had a future there. He has no other education to fall back on.  He was now in a position in his mid-20’s where he had to start over, re-educate and find a job in a field that was sedentary and not physically demanding.  It was determined that he would have life-long problems with

  • crouching
  • Kneeling
  • Squatting
  • Lifting
  • Carrying
  • Pulling and
  • Pushing anything heavy

It was determined he would never reach pre-injury status.  He had problems with stairs, walking distances.  He suffers pain daily, required pain injections, continued therapy and overall, was set-back in life tremendously.

Do you know someone that has been injured in a bicycle accident?

For the past 15 years Matt Lalande has been representing victims that suffer serious orthopedic injuries and has recovered reasonable compensation by trial or settlement. You can see a list of verdicts and settlements here. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious orthopedic injury in a bicycle accident, our Hamilton Bicycle Accident Lawyers can help. Please call us at 905-333-8888, fill in a contact form or chat with our live operator and we will get back to you.  Our consultations are free and certainly, without obligation.

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