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Red Hill Valley Parkway Hamilton Accidents

The Red Hill Parkway is one of Hamilton’s highways that seems to be plagued with hundreds of trucking accidents, car accidents and motorcycle accidents. Over the past 12 years single motor vehicle collisions collisions seemed to be the most prevalent collision type, followed by rear-end accidents and sideswipe collisions.  Accidents on the Red Hill Parkway are caused by a variety of factors including road conditions, weather and dangerous or distracted driving.  It’s a disturbing trend we’re seeing as Hamilton personal injury lawyers.

If you or a loved one has been hurt on the Red Hill Valley Expressway, we know your priority is to focus on your recovery plan, to rehabilitate, to get out of the Hospital, to stay as positive as you can and to try and get back to as normal a routine as you can.  We understand the emotional and physical toll that accidents have on accident victims.  At the same time, it’s important you receive the compensation you deserve, especially as it can help with the costs associated with your physical and mental recovery and future wage losses if you are unable to work.

This is why we handle every aspect of your case to ensure you receive the best possible outcome. We know how to appropriately navigate the litigation process, know when to settle or when going to trial is the best course of action.

Tips to Ensure a Safe Ride on the Red Hill Valley Parkway

  • Don’t speed – High speeds are a common cause of accidents on this stretch of highway.  We know it’s an easy mistake to make; however, it’s best if everyone drives the posted speed limit.  Accidents at high speeds can have disastrous consequences.
  • Be aware of the other cars on the road.  Watch for signs of people changing lanes without signalling or slowing down.  Side swiping and rear enders are common accidents.
  • Focus – Educating drivers on the perils of distracted driving is a cause we stand behind.  This includes everything from texting, not using a hands-free device while talking on the phone, to eating and looking back to talk to the passengers in the back seat.  We’ve even seen people flipping through a magazine or papers while driving.  If the cell phone sitting in your console or seat beside you is too tempting, perhaps turn the ringer off and put it in the backseat or the trunk. That act alone could save lives.
  • Drive For Weather Conditions – In the rain and the snow, the Red Hill Valley Parkway can become dangerously slippery.  Drive for the weather conditions and exercise caution in bad weather.
  • Ensure Regular Maintenance Of Your Car – If you can avoid a stall, a flat tire, a tire coming off or any other car problems, you can help avoid a potential accident. Of course, cars fail and accidents happen. Anytime a car runs into car trouble on the highway, it can cause traffic delays and have the potential for an accident.  By regularly performing routine maintenance and checks on your car, your oil and your tires you can help yourself ensure a safe ride.

Contact our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers today

If you have been injured in a car accident on the Red Hill Parkway, please do not hesitate to call our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers today.  Distracted driving and speed is a serious problem in Ontario. Our dedicated team takes this issue very seriously and can help you receive the financial compensation and help you deserve. We fight for you so you don’t have to.

Lalande & Company Lawyers specialize in helping car accident victims who have suffered serious, life-changing injuries. Contact us at (905) 333-8888, fill in a contact form or chat with our live agent 24/7/ We offer free consultations and ready to help.

Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer – 3 Things to Consider

In today’s busy marketplace, personal injury lawyer marketing is everywhere: roadside billboards, print advertisements, digital ads etc.  It’s easy to be inundated with the marketing noise. With so much, how do you know what and who to listen to? How do you know who to hire?

Generally, billboard-style ads are very effective, but they don’t always tell you that much about the lawyer’s reputation, experience and success rate.  Outdoor marketing is designed to help build brand awareness and catch your attention in the moment.

If you’ve never been injured in an car accident, or on someone’s property, you likely have no experience with personal injury lawyers. You might not even know one. So general billboard style advertising is actually an effective way to make an introduction so you have an idea who to call when the unfortunate does happen. In other words, outdoor marketing introduces you to a brand before you need it.

If you are reading this, you or your family member might have suffered a serious injury and you’re trying to figure out who to call. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1) How Do You Find A Personal Injury Lawyer in Sea of Ads?

As with choosing any professional, it’s wise to interview more than one professional, unless of course you have a strong positive connection with the first person right from the get go.

  • Referrals are better. Ask your friends, family and associates for recommendations and reviews. Do you know someone who had to use the services of a personal injury lawyer?  Ask them about their experience and if they would not only recommend their lawyer, but would use them again if needed.
  • Head online. Online reviews, websites and search engines can provide invaluable resources to help you find a personal injury lawyer. As you wade through the noise of the digital landscape, look for a personal injury lawyer near you who has experience, positive reviews and shares tips and information online. Read the reviews!
  • Ask a discharge planner at the hospital about a lawyer’s reputation. If you’re in the hospital, a discharge planner may be able to provide you with names, pamphlets and recommendations. Many discharge planners are very familiar with who’s who, and may provide you with the names of several Hamilton personal injury lawyers that you can count on.

2) The Right Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer that you Interview.

The very first thing you want to keep in mind is how long it takes for a lawyer to get back to you. Whether you call, email or live chat, do they get in touch with you right away? We would say that someone should get back to you within 12-24 hours. If the injury is very serious, then a lawyer should get back to you within 1 hour. This would be the first indication that you will be a priority.

If you call or schedule consultations with a few personal injury lawyers, it is important you ask the right questions.

The answers to the following questions will help make it clear which lawyer is right for your case.

  1. Is this consultation free?  Never pay for a consultation.
  2. Where can we meet?  If you’ve recently sustained a serious injury, you want to hire a lawyer that will make it easy for you.  Make sure the lawyer offers to come and visit you for the complimentary consultation.  We often visit people in the hospital or in rehabilitation centers.
  3. What are your fees like? Are they negotiable?  Is there a retainer, when do I pay and how am I billed?  You need a clear and transparent understanding from the beginning as to what fees might be. Some lawyers will take personal injury cases on a contingency basis which means no money exchanges hands until you settle or win. It is important to ask if any fees will be charged if the case is unsuccessful.
  4. Why do some lawyers tell me that their fees are 20% and some 33.3%? Most lawyer will always charge in the upper 1/3 range. They might rightly tell you their fees are 20%, but when they settle the case, insurance companies will contribute to their legal bill.
  5. Do you have trial experience?  Not all personal injury cases settle, so you need a lawyer that has trial experience and can fight for you.
  6. How many years of experience do you have? How much of your experience and practice is devoted to personal injury?
  7. How familiar are you with my type of claim, accident and injury?
  8. Is this case worth pursuing and what is your view of the potential success of the case?  Asking this question will give you an idea as to the likelihood of the success of your case, and more importantly, why.

3) Experience & Reputation Matters in Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury claims are usually divided into the following types:

  • Motor vehicle accidents (serious car accidents, motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents, pedestrian accidents)
  • Premises liability cases (slip and falls, trip and falls ect.)
  • Wrongful Death cases
  • General Negligence (assault, dog bites, animal attacks, birth injuries, medical malpractice)

Each type is unique and may require different procedures, steps and strategy to get you the justice you deserve. A lawyer with experience handling cases similar to yours will have the experience and insight to properly fight for you which will work to your benefit.   However,  there should be a good connection between you and your lawyer. It’s not only very important that you hire a personal lawyer with experience, but also a personal injury lawyer that you can sit and have a conversation with.   In other words, if you were suffered a spinal cord injury – what happens if your lawyer is highly specialized and experienced the area, but comes off as dismissive or he does not call you back? He might not be the right lawyer for you.

Speak to a Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyer Confidentially, at no cost to you, and with no Obligation. We represent people all over Ontario 

Lalande & Company Lawyers offers a free, no obligation and confidential consultation. This is our opportunity to answer all your questions so you feel confident moving forward.  Feel free to call us at 905-333-8888, fill in a contact form or chat with our live operator, 24/7, who will be pleased in setting up a free consultation, with no obligation to you or your family.

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