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Lalande Personal Injury Lawyers is located in Hamilton Ontario and serves victims in Hamilton, St-Catharines, Sudbury, Stoney Creek, Niagara Falls, Mississauga, Oakville, Guelph, Milton, Cambridge, Burlington and Kitchener.  Lalande Personal Injury Lawyers was founded in 2018 by Matt Lalande with a commitment to providing personal service and professional legal representation to those who need it most – particularly:


Our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers have recovered million in verdicts and settlements for our clients all over Ontario. We understand the financial and emotional toll a serious accident can have on your life, which is why we dedicate ourselves to maximizing your recovery and securing the compensation you deserve.  We only focus on both injury and disability insurance related claims — and have never represented insurance companies. At our firm, all claims are handled or monitered closely by Matt Lalande. You are never a number, never be “just a file” you will always have personal service, you will not have to deal with untrained interns or other people making management decisions about your case. You will have access to Matt Lalande, if you need, at all times to talk about your case.  That is our committment.

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Personal Injury Law in Ontario is terribly complex. We are committed to helping people in need make informed decisions by providing consultations at no cost. This is a service industry – and it all starts with understanding and respect.

Trial Lawyer Matt Lalande

Our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers typically represent clients who, within moments, have gone from being active and independent individuals to being completely immobilized with loss of bodily function and totally dependent on others to meet their most basic needs. We understand that the instantaneous and devastating effects of a serious injury can result in a total derailment of a person’s life and work, and have far-reaching physical, social, and psychological consequences that will no doubt require ongoing and expensive rehabilitation. At Lalande Personal Injury Lawyers, we’re passionate about helping critically hurt victims that have suffered orthopedic, spinal cord or serious brain injury return to an optimal quality of life – and also ensuring that they are both compensated for their injuries and protected financially for life.


A brutally serious injury, losing your loved one or being denied your disability can seriously derail a person’s life and send a family into crushing debt. Then, every insurance company involved will not want to pay you. Disability carriers will tell you that you can work, insurance lawyers will scrutinize all aspects of your medical history, try to blame the accident on you and send surveillance people to follow you around. I’ve seen it 1,000 times. There’s no two ways about it.

There is no doubt that choosing the best Hamilton personal injury lawyer to handle your case is not an easy decision. Since 2003, Matt Lalande has helped and supported countless people who suffered catastrophic injuries because of the negligence of others. Matt handles a wide range of claims, including car accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and falls, distracted driving accidents, drinking and driving accidents, denied disability, denied critical illness and much more. You can trust that our firm works relentlessly to obtain the best possible results in all of our cases.

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Our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers understand that being seriously injured can be an overwhelming experience. Being left with lingering pain and mounting debt due to lost wages is terribly stressful. If you have suffered life-changing injuries, you have the right to seek justice for you losses. You have the right to seek compensation for pain and suffering, lost pages, future economic loss, compensation to help take care of your home and future related health care costs. Personal injury law can be complex. Do not try and litigate your own case. If you have been harmed due because someone else was negligent, it is wise to seek the early assistance of a personal injury lawyer with experience to help protect your legal rights and interests.

Our lawyers understand that complex injuries are often permanent, life-changing, and will no doubt affect your life and the lives of your family. Our Hamilton personal injury lawyers have extensive experience in working with proper life-care planning and accounting experts to help valuate the recurring annual costs of caring for victims with serious brain injuries or chronic spinal cord injury (SCI), such as ongoing rehabilitation, psychological care, occupational therapy, nutritional therapy, transitional living plans, adapted transportation, in-home nursing care, assistive devices, power and manual wheelchairs, batteries, maintenance, elbow and wrist orthotics, lifts, ramps ect. These future costs are a very extensive economic burden for victims, their family and care-takers. Recovering damages associated with the costs of types of future medical expenses as well as lost wages, and loss of enjoyment of life is essential in securing your and your family’s future financial health. If you or your loved one have suffered a serious life changing injury, you need to retain a Hamilton personal injury lawyer that is experienced in complex personal injury law that can assist in the valuation of your future needs to make sure that you have enough money at the end of your case to retain effective rehabilitation to maximize your recovery…for life.




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