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Apr 16, 2018

Can you record a Doctor during a Medical Appointment in a Disability Case?

Can you record a Doctor during a Medical Appointment in a Disability Case? 6 Minute Read It’s understandable that recording doctor visits can help vulnerable or ill patients remember their doctor’s instructions, suggestions, treatment details, medication, diagnosis ect. – but on the other hand, is secretly recording a doctor hired by an insurance company while […]

Apr 8, 2018

Your wrongful dismissal lawsuit & your obligations to look for work

Your wrongful dismissal lawsuit & your ongoing obligation to look for work 4 Minute Read If you retain our Hamilton Lawyers to prosecute your wrongful dismissal case, you can be certain that we will advise you to never stop looking for work after you sue your employer for the lawful severance pay owned to you. […]

Apr 2, 2018

Your lawyer keeps mentioning your “Tort Claim” – what is this?

Your lawyer keeps mentioning your “Tort Claim” – what is this? 4 Minute Read When you talk with your personal injury lawyer you might have heard him or her say the word “tort law” or “tort claim”.  What exactly does a “tort claim” mean? If you have been hurt in a car accident, you would […]

Mar 25, 2018

6 Facts: Why all parents should have a Will.

6 Facts: Why all parents should have a Will. 3 minute read – or contact us now for more information about planning your estate today.  As Hamilton Complex Personal Injury Lawyers our law firm routinely handles unfortunate wrongful death cases involving parents, both old and young, who die unexpectedly. Surprisingly, many young parents do NOT […]

Mar 8, 2018

Facing the unexpected: If you pass away, who will raise your kids?

Facing the unexpected: If you pass away, who will take care of your kids? 3 Minute Read. The process of making a Will today seems like a daunting task. Many people simply don’t want to think about their own mortality. Dwelling on death is simply not a pleasant experience. Many people are also not (or […]

Mar 7, 2018

Basic Terms for Denied Disability Claimants

Denied Disability – Confused About what your Adjuster is Telling You? Clients who have been denied long term disability benefits often tell us that they are confused about their conversations with their insurance adjusters.  Here’s a quick rundown of a few basic  long-term disability terms often used which can hopefully help the conversations with your […]

Mar 2, 2018

Denied Disability: Your adjuster says you can work?

Your disability adjuster says that you can do so “some” type of work, therefore you do not suffer a total disability and should not be paid any long-term disability benefits. What’s the deal? Generally, you will still be deemed totally disabled if you are only able to take on trivial or inconsequential work, work for […]

Feb 27, 2018

Here’s one…Can you get Sued if your Kid is a Bully?

Can Parents get sued if your kid is a bully? You sure can. But will your home insurance cover you? Here’s what happened to the parents of bullies in the recent case of Unified Insurance v. D.E.  Parents were sued over their daughter being a bully at school and unfortunately…their insurance did not cover them and they […]

Feb 9, 2018

Long-Term Disability Insurance 101

What do I need to understand about long-term disability insurance?

Feb 9, 2018

Personal Injury Settlements and Divorce

Settlement payments for accident victims are normally made by way of lump sum payment by an insurance company

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