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Cambridge Man Allegedly High when his Car Struck and Killed Dean

Cambridge Man Allegedly High when his Car Struck and Killed Dean

Cambridge Paper, The Record, reported today that Ronald Rees, 57, pleaded guilty to impaired driving causing death and dangerous driving causing death. The paper reported that Mr. Rees was impaired by marijuana when his car struck and killed Leanne Holland Brown, a Wilfrid Laurier University dean who had been out for an afternoon walk.  It was reported that when the accident happened last April 24th, Rees’s car was stopped but then sped up quickly with tires squealing. The car assumingly lost control, mounted the curb in front of MacGregor Public School, toward the Brown, who leaped onto the grass to avoid getting hit. Unfortunately she was unable to get out of the way, and her head violently impacted the windshield. It was reported that Rees’s car was travelling at approximately 60 km/hr when it struck and killed Brown. Rees told police he smoked 1/4  of marijuana daily. He admitted smoking an entire joint shortly before the crash. Three burnt joints were found on his Altima’s floorboard. In the trunk was a Narcotics Anonymous book and blood tests revealed THC in Rees.  The Crown  in the case has noted that it will be seeking “a significant penitentiary sentence” when Rees is sentenced next month. Family and friends who were affected by Brown’s passing will address the court before sentencing.


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