Do I pay any legal fees to your firm upfront?

If we decide to work together on your case, you will never pay legal fees in your personal injury case to our firm up front.

It is not often that you need a lawyer in your life. Perhaps when you buy a house, perhaps when you make a will. But actually needing a lawyer in your life will not happen all that often  – we get it.  We understand that seeking legal help can be overwhelming, particularly when it comes to how much it will cost. Even if you are confident of obtaining a settlement or good verdict, you may fear hiring a lawyer will cost too much.  The first step is knowing that our consultations are free. You do not pay us to talk to us. Talking to us is free.

[nvquote name=”Matt Lalande” url=””]When you or a family member has suffered life-threatning or life-changing injuries, we know the last thing you need is a legal bill every month. With our firm – we will never ask you for money upfront.[/nvquote]

Our firm works on a no-win no-fee contingency Basis.

When you hire a reputable and experienced car accident lawyer to help protect your future and recover your losses, these lawyers are performing highly specialized work. Typically, experienced personal injury lawyers will have years or decades of extensive legal training, experience and a very specialized knowledge of the law and legal system. Good personal injury lawyers are often in high demand.

Many people who are economically underprivileged cannot afford to retain the services of an experienced car accident lawyer. Victims who suffer life changing personal injuries want to be and need to be compensated fairly for their losses, their lost wages, for their pain and suffering, their loss of amenities, relationships, housekeeping capacity etc. etc. The problem is most people would only be able to afford a fraction of what a reputable personal injury lawyers would charge – while at the same time, would need the same quality representation as others who can afford to pay their legal bills.

Our firm, never asks for money up front. We work on a contingency fee basis meeting that you will only pay our law firm if we win your case. If we lose, you do not pay our legal fees. This helps clients who otherwise may not be able to afford the services of a personal injury specialist but may in fact have a case with a potential for substantial compensation to help protect their future.

We believe that operating on a contingency fee basis allows us to be committed to the ideal of equal treatment under law, while at the same time screening out frivolous lawsuits and saving the time of our Courts and legal system, which is already consistently bogged down and backed up.

How does the contingency fee help you?

It allows you access to the justice system.  It allows you access to the services of a personal injury specialist without having to pay a monthly retainer out-of-pocket which, would be unaffordable for most people. Comparatively, most people could pay dentists or chiropractors by the hour because the treatment is limited to the service they need on that particular day.  With a serious car accident case involving life changing injuries, the process could take several years and involve an extraordinary amount of highly specialized doctors, specialists, accountants, occupational therapists, vocational specialists etc. etc. who all need to also be paid for your time. Remember you would not only need to pay the hourly fees of an experienced lawyer, over the course of several years, but also you would be paying the costs of retaining numerous experts who are also highly specialized. The benefit of a contingency fee is that you pay nothing out of pocket until the end of your case, which “levels the playing field” for economically disadvantaged injured people.

Another obvious benefit is that our lawyers work on a percentage basis. The law firm’s income on your case is directly tied to the settlement or verdict obtained for you, which gives financial incentive to most experienced legal specialists to obtain the largest award possible for you.

Another risk is that with a contingency fee, the lawyer assumes the risk of not being paid in order to make legal services available to someone who otherwise cannot afford them. If you pay your legal fees on an hourly basis and your case is not successful, then you are out of pocket, fully. Alternatively, with a contingency fee, the lawyer assumes the risk of spending hundreds of hours on your case in exchange for an agreed percentage of the result that that lawyer can obtain. In short, the risk is not on you, but all on us.

What is the alternative to a contingency fee arrangement?

The alternative is an hourly rate. You have the option of paying our car accident lawyers an hourly rate for the work they do on your case. You would be provided with a legal account every 30 days that you would need to satisfy in full before any further legal work was continued on your case.

Have you been involved in a serious car accident? We will never ask for money up front.

If you have been involved in a serious car accident which has caused you life changing injuries we can help. We offer free case evaluations.

If you decide to retain our firm, we will work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that our legal fees are paid from your settlement amount. If we do not win a recovery for you, you do not pay any legal fees to our firm. Call us today at 905-333-8888, chat with our live chat to set up an appointment, or fill in a contact form at your convenience. We will get back to you within several hours of your inquiry.

  • I am a local business owner in Burlington and Lalande lawyers has helped us out with employment issues on numerous occasion. They are very helpful and I would recommend them to anyone with employment issues.

    Roy Jones
  • Without Lalande Personal Injury Lawyers, I would not have received a successful settlement on the appeal of my denied disability claim. Matt Lalande’s experience, professionalism and knowledge were invaluable throughout the entire process.

    Leesa Mackenzie
  • I was in a head on wreck and suffered a tibial plateau fracture. Matt settled my case for my a few months back and set me up in such a good way so that I can pay all my education and start fresh in something that can accommodate me. He recently settled my accident benefits when I didn’t even expect much else. Matt is the best. I am so happy that I was referred to him.

    JP Treecutter
  • My husband was involved in a motor vehicle accident in 2013. He managed to survive the crash yet had serious and multiple injuries to deal with. Luckily, we were directed to our lawyer, Matt Lalande, who took charge of the entire legal process to get my husband fair compensation for all the hurdles he’s faced since. It’s been a bumpy roller coaster ride to say the least (recurring operations and infections to deal with the injuries sustained, numerous medical appointments, ongoing paperwork, not being able to return to work along with all the uncertainties of not knowing what the future holds…). Through all of this, Matt and his team helped us navigate the system, kept us informed at all times and gave us options to use in the end. We are so thankful to Matt and his legal associates for keeping us focused throughout this lengthy process. It takes patience and a great deal of determination to get through these battles and the Lalande team knows how to get it done!

    Bert Dupuis
  • My husband had a slip and fall and was off work for quite a while – Matt got us a settlement that was very generous. Dealing with Matt was an easy process. He kept us well informed along the way and was quickly forthcoming when we asked for updates. This was the first time we had ever been through this process and Matt really did all the heavy lifting for us. We are grateful for his help in this matter.

    Karen Riddiford

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