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How long can your Brain go Without Oxygen?

How long can your Brain go Without Oxygen? Your brain needs a constant supply of oxygen to function properly, otherwise the result is usually brain damage or death. The lack of oxygen to the brain can happen when someone is drowning, choking, suffocating or in cardiac arrest. In our practice we have often seen the […]

Protester hit by Transport Truck in Burlington dies

The Toronto Star reported to day that a woman in her 60’s was reportedly struck and killed by a transport truck outside the slaughterhouse in Burlington. The truck accident happened around 10:00 am this morning. The accident occured outside of Fearmans Pork meat processing facility at Appleby Line and Harvester Road. It is reported that a […]

Man with 4 times the legal limit

The Toronto Star has reported that has confirmed a man charged in Burlington after his car was clocked at 179 km/hr is an 18-year veteran of the Toronto Police force. The story was first reported yesterday by the Spec on June 10th 2020 when OPP reported that they they had pulled over a driver on […]

Driver clocked at 183 km/hr and not social distancing reported this morning that a young man is facing multiple charges after his car was clocked doing 183 km/hr in Burlington with two passengers inside. OPP pulled the vehicle over on the 407 westbound in Burlington. The man was charged with stunt driving and other offences, including violations of social distancing laws.  Ontario police […]

COVID-19 Employment Law Q&A for Employers and Employees

By Matt Lalande | Lalande Personal Injury Lawyers | A Victim’s Firm. What is this article about? As many of you know we specialize in life-changing injury and disability. Employment law is always an issue in serious injury and disablity cases and as a result, we have been litigating wrongful dismissal employment law and other […]

Hamilton’s Latest Covid-19 Numbers as of Today

CBC reported that as of Friday April 10th 2020, Hamilton has confirmed 128 COVID-19 cases with 93 recovered so far. Cases were also up by 12 on Friday from the day before. So far Hamilton has seen 6 deaths. So far 31 have been hospitalized in local hospitals. Currently there are 7 Covid patients at […]

We’re Still Here For You

By Matt Lalande Lalande Personal Injury Lawyers hopes that you are all safe, healthy and taking care of one another during these difficult times.  We’re still here for you… Lalande Personal Injury Lawyers has temporarily closed our physical office and are working remotely until further notice. However, please note that our office is fully operational, […]

Uber and The City of Toronto Facing Multi-million dollar lawsuit over Man’s Death

Now Toronto reported today that ride-sharing giant Uber, the City of Toronto and 4 other defendants (Uber subsidiary Rasier Operations B.V.; Abdihared Bishar-Mussa, the Uber driver involved in the crash; Stars Auto Sales, the company that he leased his vehicle from; and Joseph Estacion, a defendant driver who allegedly rear-ended the vehicle that the deceasd […]

Have Kids? It’s Important to Plan your Estate and Protect your Family.

The reality about making a will is that…we do not like to think about our own mortality.  No one likes facing the fear of death as many of us do suffer from death anxiety. Estate planning, unfortunately causes us to face this vital reality – but it should not be seen as a bad thing. […]

Common Back Injuries & Treatment

Chronic back pain, either caused by a chronic condition or accident related trauma, is a very common condition, about 90% of people suffering from it at some point in their lives.  It is one of the leading cause of lost time at work and disability in Canada. There’s no doubt that those impacted by chronic […]

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