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Man who Witnessed Wife get hit awarded 98K

The Times Colonist reported today that  Victoria man who jaywalked across the street with his wife has been awarded $98,000 in compensation for “nervous shock” after he witnessed his wife get hit by a motorcycle.  Both he and his wife sued the driver of the motorcycle.  Marcena sued for “nervous shock” which he allegedly suffered […]

What Happens After 2 Years of receiving Long-Term Disability?

If your long-term disability claim is approaching the 2 year mark, it is important to understand that your policy’s change of definition will soon be coming up. Many, if not all insurance policies contain a provision that at the 2 year mark, a claimant must be totally disabled from doing any job.  It is at […]

3 Things to Remember After a Serious Car Accident

4 Minute Read from Hamilton Car Accident Lawyers Immediately following a serious car accident, you may no doubt be in a tremendous amount of pain, disoriented or confused. Car accidents can no doubt result in substantial pain and psychological distress, which can cause you to be confused at the accident scene.  From our experience, older […]

Cannabis & Spinal Cord Injuries

4 Minutes Read from Hamilton Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers Spinal cord injuries are catastrophic injuries with devastating impacts including far-reaching physical, social, and psychological consequences. There is no doubt that suffering a spinal cord injury (SCI) can profoundly change a person’s life as it affects nearly all body systems. It also affects the perception of […]

What’s the difference between paraplegic and quadriplegic injuries?

4 Minute Read from Hamilton’s Spinal Cord Injury Trial Lawyers Spinal cord injuries may be classified as quadriplegic or paraplegic, depending on the level of injury or lesion on the spinal cord, and depending on the functioning of the torso, bowel, bladder, legs, arms, pelvic organs and sexual function. Quadriplegic and paraplegic injuries often times […]

Common types of personal injury cases in Ontario

Personal injury victims are often confused about the different types of personal injury claims that can be made to compensate them for their losses. If you or a loved one has suffered life changing injuries it is certainly best to speak to one of our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers to determine your best course of […]

How Long do Short Term Disability Benefits last in Ontario?

There is no perfect answer as short-term disability benefits vary policy by policy. Short-term disability also varies product by product – i.e. group (employer) versus individual policy.  It is very important that you review your particular policy’s summary and description because every benefit plan is unique, but typically, the maximum duration of short term disability […]

Income Replacement Benefits in Ontario

INCOME REPLACEMENT BENEFITS For an accident victim, nothing is more Stressful than the Lack of Cash Flow Accident can send people into brutal crushing debt. When the cashflow stops all facets of a family’s financial life can be negatively affected, from paying the mortgage or car payments to paying for your kids’ hockey and dancing. […]

Crystal Meth, Multiple Sclerosis and Denied Benefits.

4 Minute read from Hamilton’s Long-Term Disability Lawyers This was a good case* decided out of British Columbia not too long ago concerning a young woman with MS that: 1) tried to get back to work and;2) was doing drugs to deal with her symptoms. Unfortunately Empire Life denied her monthly disability benefits because of […]

How do Insurance Companies Calculate Lump Sum Long-Term Disability Settlements?

3 Minute Read from Hamilton’s Disability Lawyers Can your long-term disability insurer pay you out a lump-sum instead of paying your monthly pre-determined long-term disability benefits?  The answer is yes, but it is not an easy solution to attain, and certainly not a solution that you can achieve on your own without the guidance of […]

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