Income Replacement Benefits in Ontario

INCOME REPLACEMENT BENEFITS For an accident victim, nothing is more Stressful than the Lack of Cash Flow Accident can send people into brutal crushing debt. When the cashflow stops all facets of a family’s financial life can be negatively affected, from paying the mortgage or car payments to paying for your kids’ hockey and dancing. […]

Crystal Meth, Multiple Sclerosis and Denied Benefits.

4 Minute read from Hamilton’s Long-Term Disability Lawyers This was a good case* decided out of British Columbia not too long ago concerning a young woman with MS that: 1) tried to get back to work and;2) was doing drugs to deal with her symptoms. Unfortunately Empire Life denied her monthly disability benefits because of […]

How do Insurance Companies Calculate Lump Sum Long-Term Disability Settlements?

3 Minute Read from Hamilton’s Disability Lawyers Can your long-term disability insurer pay you out a lump-sum instead of paying your monthly pre-determined long-term disability benefits?  The answer is yes, but it is not an easy solution to attain, and certainly not a solution that you can achieve on your own without the guidance of […]

3 Minute Read from Hamilton Disability Lawyers Generally speaking, claim liability, whether through an employment group policy or an individual long term disability policy, mandates that a claimant must suffer a “total disability” in order to be entitled to long-term disability benefits. Total disability in the context of disability insurance does not mean that an […]

What are some common health conditions that lead to long-term disability?

3 Minute Read from Hamilton Disability Lawyers There is an array of physical and mental health conditions that can unfortunately lead to claimants being no longer in a position to continue working at their jobs and applying for disability benefits. Prior to reviewing the most common medical conditions leading to total disability, we answer some […]

The Emotional Impact of Trauma Related Scarring

Can serious scarring affect a victim’s emotional heath after an accident? With rare exceptions, all physical wounds leave scars.  In our practice, we often see victims of serious injury end up with permanent scarring, whether from a car accident or motorcycle accident, of from the reconstruction or orthopedic intervention after the hospital admission. Scars can […]

Staying Fit and Healthy after a Spinal Cord Injury

Why is it important to try to stay fit and healthy after a spinal cord injury? A decline in strength, endurance, and functional capacity are always a major health concerns for the individual living with a spinal cord injury.  After an SCI, your body no doubt goes through many physiological changes such as muscle deconditioning […]

My long-term disability benefits been denied, what do I do?

What should you know if you disability benefits have been cut off? 1. Having your long-term disability benefits cut-off or denied can be financially disastrous. Being denied disability in Ontario can be financially disastrous for families that reply on long term disability income to pay the bills. What happens when you are suddenly cut-off monthly […]

Why does my Personal Injury Lawsuit seem to be Taking So Long?

Sometimes Personal Injury Cases seem to take a long time – we understand – but there are lots of reasons why. Read on to learn more why your case might be taking some time. There are no two personal injury cases that are exactly the  That is mostly because injuries affect everyone a bit differently.  If you […]

7 Common Causes of Hamilton Motorcycle Accidents in The Fall

What are the Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in The Fall? The sun is still shining, the autumn colours are vibrant.  Fall is a popular time of year for joy rides, day trips and longer motorcycle road trips.  Sadly, motorcycle accidents are all too common in the fall, and if you’ve ever seen the aftermath […]

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