Motorcycle Accidents

Oct 9, 2018

Drugged Driving – What You Need To Know

What do you need to know about doing Cannabis and drugged driving? For years we have have heard about the dangers of drunk driving, but alcohol is not the only substance drivers sometimes use before getting behind the wheel.  On Oct. 17, 2018 Marijuana (cannabis) becomes legal in Canada – the major problem is that driving […]

Sep 15, 2018

7 Common Causes of Hamilton Motorcycle Accidents in The Fall

What are the Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in The Fall? The sun is still shining, the autumn colours are vibrant.  Fall is a popular time of year for joy rides, day trips and longer motorcycle road trips.  Sadly, motorcycle accidents are all too common in the fall, and if you’ve ever seen the aftermath […]

Aug 10, 2018

Red Hill Valley Parkway Hamilton Accidents

Red Hill Valley Parkway Hamilton Accidents The Red Hill Parkway is one of Hamilton’s highways that seems to be plagued with hundreds of trucking accidents, car accidents and motorcycle accidents. Over the past 12 years single motor vehicle collisions collisions seemed to be the most prevalent collision type, followed by rear-end accidents and sideswipe collisions.  […]

Jul 10, 2018

Motorcycle Season: Freedom of the Open Road on Two Wheels

Motorcycle Season: Freedom of the Open Road on Two Wheels It’s the call of the open road and the promise of roadway freedom.  It’s the fresh air. The sounds and smells of the outdoors. Gasoline. Traffic. The sound of the wind whipping by.  It’s motorcycle season and for motorbike enthusiasts, it’s what they wait all […]

May 5, 2018

Hamilton Motorcycle Accident Lawyers – Drive Aware

Hamilton Motorcycle Accident Lawyers – Drive Aware 1 Minute Read from Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Hamilton Being in a motorcycle accident can be traumatic and horribly overwhelming. While some motorcycle accidents are minor accidents, the vast majority of motorcycle accidents cause riders to suffer massive life changing injury or even death. Most accidents are usually are […]

Apr 19, 2018

Motorcycle Accidents – Common Causes and Common Injuries

Motorcycle Accidents – Common Causes and Common Injuries Injuries caused by motorcycle accidents in Ontario make up a significant portion of serious traffic accidents, as well as being a significant cause of increased morbidity and mortality, especially among young males. There is no doubt that motorcyclists are more vulnerable on the road and much more […]

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