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Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Hamilton

Have you been hurt or has a loved  died in a pedestrian accident? We have been prosecuting serious pedestrian accidents for 15 years.

A pedestrian accident is the type of accident where a person who is on foot is hit by a motor vehicle on a street, sidewalk, parking lot or other public space. In Ontario, a pedestrian in considered someone that is walking, skate boarding, a person in a wheelchair, jogging, roller blading, etc. The Ministry of Transportation has reported that pedestrians in Ontario are commonly hit by distracted drivers or using cell-phones, drunk drivers, buses, delivery vehicles trucks, and taxis who fail to drive within posted speed limits, fail to obey stop signs, fail to yield the right of way to pedestrians, or fail to obey other common traffic laws. Every day in Ontario many innocent pedestrians are hurt or killed due to the negligence of careless drivers and, often times, a child or an elderly person is the victim.  The consequences of being hit by a car can be highly tragic.

There is no doubt that the majority of motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians result in very severe personal injuries and even death.  If you or a loved one has been hurt in a pedestrian accident or hit by a car, you have an absolute right to financial recovery and financial protection to help put you in the place you were before you were hurt.

Discuss Your Injuries and your options for free – we never ask for money upfront.

Over the past 15 years, Matt Lalande has represented hundred of victims that have been hit by cars while walking, running and even in wheelchairs…and does so with kindness, skill and expertise. If you or a loved one have been injured by a motor vehicle or hit by a car while trying to cross the street, in a parking lot or anywhere where pedestrians and cars come in close proximity to each other, contact us 24/7 at 905-333-8888 or by speaking with our live chat operator who will help you set up an appointment.

How do most pedestrian accidents happen in Ontario?

Statistics Canada has reported that in Ontario:

  • 30% of pedestrian fatalities involve pedestrians that are drunk or high;
  • 10% on cell phones;
  • 30% of pedestrian fatalities were due to drivers failing to yield, speeding, losing control, disobeying traffic signals and signs and improper turning; and
  • 55% of all pedestrians killed in 2016 happened after dark. Visibility is a major contributing factor with pedestrian accidents.

From a traffic standpoint, pedestrian accidents commonly occur:

  • when drivers are speeding or they fail to obey posted speed limits;
  • when drivers fail to stop at stop signs and impact a victim walking across the street – for example, many accidents happen when people walking, biking or jogging across a sidewalk;
  • when drivers are distracted – either with their cell phones or other things, such as tuning their Sirius Satellite Radio;
  • when drivers fail to yield the right of way to pedestrians or people walking;
  • with hit and run accidents – these incidents are regrettably common, as many drivers tend to panic when they hit a pedestrian or they are impaired and flee the scene, and
  • in intersection type accidents. Cars can be turning right or left or changing lanes, and drivers may be distracted by their phones, fail to yield or fail to stop.

Likewise, pedestrians that are hit by cars can suffer major traumatic injuries, some of the more common that we see include:

  • severe orthopedic fractures – the most common injury by far when a person is hit by a car are problem bones, requiring surgery by plates, screws or nails;
  • life threatening internal injuries and mid-body injuries – bio-mechanical studies have shown that the odds of pedestrian injury or death light trucks and vans are much higher because of their height – they cause significant mid-body injuries;
  • severe tendon tears – such as rotator cuff tears and ligament/tendon tears;
  • traumatic brain injuries – in Ontario, the majority or pedestrians that suffered severe injuries from being hit by a vehicle reportedly sustained moderate to severe head injuries;
  • catastrophic injuries – many pedestrians that are hit by cars in Ontario, suffer catastrophic injuries which entitles the victim to enhanced access to rehabilitation for life.

How dangerous are our roadways in Ontario?

To put things into perspective, more people have died on Canada’s roadways in the past 50 years than the number of Canadians soldiers killed in both World Wars. Statistics Canada and Transport Canada tell us that in Canada, there are approximately 2900 people killed yearly, or 8 daily, on our roadways. The percentage of wrongful death pedestrian fatalities has remained consistently at approximately 13%. Although there has been a slight decrease in pedestrian/bicyclist deaths overall in Canada since 1990, the number continues to fluctuate in Ontario.

What am I entitled to if I have been hit by a car?

There may be certain financial benefits available to a person who was hit by a car to cover such things as death and funeral costs if there was a fatality involved. There is also the availability of a wrongful death claim which would seek compensation to all eligible surviving family members entitled to financial compensation and recovery for their loss. There may also be death and funeral benefits that a family may be entitled to, as well as financial income losses to help compensate the surviving spouse or child for financial losses they suffer due to increased family responsibilities or perhaps even the loss of a dual family income. If you survived the accident, our Hamilton lawyers will seek a claim future health care expenses, loss of wages, compensation for pain and suffering as well as compensation to help keep care of your home.  If you have been seriously hurt, you will need financial protection.

Loved one hit by a car? Contact a Hamilton pedestrian accident lawyer today.

If you were injured due to another driver’s negligence by car, truck, bus, motorcycle while you were crossing any road, you may be entitled to serious compensation. As a pedestrian, you will always have the “right of way” above any other person on the road and should be treated so. After an incident involving you or your loved one resulting in an injury, your first step should always be to contact a licensed lawyer that specializes in complex personal injury lawyer for further assistance.  At Lalande & Company our consultations are always 100% free.  Our Hamilton lawyers can come to you, and we will never ask you for money upfront.   Call us today at 905-333-8888  to learn the compensation that you are entitled to.

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