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Teenager Caught Doing 308 km/hr in Burlington reported today that a teenager in Burlington was caught doing 308 km/hr on the QEW. The driver reported only had a G2 license and was driving a last-generation Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe owned by the driver’s father. Seargent Kerry Schmidt reported that the car was impounded for seven days and the driver’s licence has also been suspended for a week. Schmidt also said the driver is facing charges of stunt driving and dangerous driving. Schmidt said it was the fastest speeding incident he’s ever seen. In fact, Schmidt admitted that when he heard of the traffic stop and the speed that was clocked, he thought the officer’s radar gun had maybe mistakenly caught a plane taking off or landing.  The young man faces a multitude of criminal charges in relation to his speeding, including stunt driving and dangerous driving.

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